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Since the mid 90's the law in the UK stated that all new private vehicles sold will be fitted with an anti theft immobiliser system, this was introduced earlier by some manufactures. This anti theft system is quite secure. The Keys have an embedded transponder chip that must be recognised by the vehicle before it will start. The circuitry that controls this function is an integral part of the onboard computer system of the vehicle. Until the system recognises a registered Key, the starting, fuel, and ignition systems of the vehicle are not functional. This has helped to reduce car theft but causes major problems for the vehicle owners when the vehicle Keys are lost or stolen. Entry into the vehicle in such situations and following lockout has become more of a problem.

New replacement Car Keys and Fobs will require Programming to the vehicles Immobiliser, using the correct Key Programming equipment and a secret code that is unique to the vehicle or they simply will not work. Our workshop is equipped with the latest transponder production equipment, keys and cutting machines along with the latest state-of-the-art Key Programming equipment. This enables us to cut and program most makes of vehicle Keys in house.

Transponder Programming

A transponder chip is a small electronic chip embedded in the plastic head of the key, which responds to a signal sent out by the engine management system every time you turn the key in the ignition. If the response from the transponder chip is not correct, or it doesn't reply with the message the engine management system was expecting, then the engine won't start. If you have a key with no chip, or a chip that is not programmed correctly, then it will open all the locks on the car, but the engine will not start.

There are many different types of transponders used, just because the key looks physically the same does not mean it will program to the car. Also in most case once a transponder has been programmed once then it is locked to that vehicle and cannot be reprogrammed to another vehicle.

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